T-Mobile derides AT&T and Verizon's 5G networks using... free ice cream

T-Mobile has been known to run a wide array of original, unconventional, unusual, and outright bizarre advertising campaigns over the years, but while many of the “Un-carrier’s” publicity stunts tend to get old fast, one recurrent antic that has managed to maintain its effectiveness continues to draw amusing parallels between US 5G networks and various day-to-day things.

To once again highlight the supremacy of its 5G infrastructure and deployment strategy, Magenta recently handed out free ice cream to random people on the North Avenue Beach in Chicago, giving everyone a pretty simple choice.

If you were in the right place at the right time, you could opt for an absolutely massive serving of four “Berry Fast 5G” scoops or settle for two “Basic Blue” scoops or an even humbler (and far from mouth-watering) single scoop of “Last-Place Licorice.”

Just in case those references are too subtle (which they most certainly are not), that huge chunk of magenta-colored ice cream is meant to represent T-Mobile’s industry-leading combination of 5G coverage and speeds, with AT&T and Verizon’s 5G resources deemed basic and worthy of last place respectively in a below-the-belt attack that could make even former CEO John Legere jealous.

While these types of claims are obviously always hyperbolic and rarely easy to verify from truly independent and unbiased sources, it’s also hard to argue with the points made by T-Mo at this exact moment in time.

The latest in a long line of “if 5G were…” comparisons, this follows in the footsteps of similar “announcements” involving everything from snowpeople to ice sculptures, and weirdly enough, blankets, mocking the competition while trying (and occasionally, succeeding) to entertain its subscribers with (partially) true claims of network availability and speed dominance.