It’s only been a few days since the OnePlus 9R hit the shelves, and the Chinese company behind the successful brand has already started to roll out updates for high-end device. As expected, the latest OxygenOS update for OnePlus 9R adds bunch of improvements and fixes, which presumably enhance user experience.If you’ve already ordered one, you should be able to download the OxygenOS update, which brings the following changes:


  • Improved the charging stability to provide a better user experience
  • Improved charging stability
  • Improved the haptic feedback for Call of Duty Mobile
  • Fixed the abnormal change of incoming ringtone with dual SIM cards
  • Fixed the delay in incoming calls when the device is in charge
  • General bug fixes


  • Improved the loading speed of the gallery to speed up the process of previewing pictures


  • Improved the vibrating performance of alarm tones


  • Improved Wi-Fi Hotspot performance

Most of the important changes in the update are meant to improve the OnePlus 9R’s stability, but the couple of fixes included are nice to have too. We can safely assume the phone will get updates like this in the coming weeks as OnePlus continues to calibrate the software running on the OnePlus 9R.