The Galaxy S20 series was very expensive when it launched in March. This led to quite a lot of criticism from customers around the world, an in response Samsung is preparing to lower prices for certain Galaxy S21 models.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra could be more expensive than the S20 Ultra

Our friends at GalaxyClub have obtained pricing information for the entire Galaxy S21 series across Europe. The information comes from a source that has been reliable in the past, but do note that the official prices could vary depending on the market due to the different local VAT rates. 

Nevertheless, here’s how much the Samsung Galaxy S21 series could cost in Europe: 

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 — €879
  • Galaxy S21 + —  €1,079
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra — €1,399
Those prices are for the base 128GB models. How much the 256GB variants will cost remains to be seen, although Samsung usually charges an extra €100 for double the storage. A even pricier 512GB version of the Galaxy S21 Ultra is said to be on the way too.

When it comes to how these prices compare to previous devices, you’ll be pleased to know that both the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+ are cheaper than their predecessors. The Galaxy S20 retailed at €999 at launch, which equates to €120 more. 

The Galaxy S20+, on the other hand, was available for €1,099, which is around €20 more than the Galaxy S21. Of course, this small difference may well disappear in certain markets due to VAT differences. 

Samsung’s plans for the Galaxy S21 Ultra are perhaps the most disappointing. 

The Galaxy S20 Ultra was available for €1,349 at launch and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra landed at €1,299. An additional price drop was rumored for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but that doesn’t seem to be happening in Europe. Instead, a €50 price hike is reportedly to be on the cards.

Samsung Galaxy S21 prices in the United States

The official US pricing should leak over the coming weeks, but the information about European prices does put into question recent rumors about massive price cuts across the whole Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup

If the European prices listed above are accurate and recent Samsung launches are anything to go by, the Galaxy S21 series could be priced as follows in the United States:

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 — $899
  • Samsung Galaxy S21+ — $1,099
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra — $1,299

These prices are purely estimates, but there’s a chance Samsung will offer $100 price cuts across the entire Galaxy S21 range. However, if it sticks with 256GB of base storage as rumored, it’s possible these price cuts will be wiped out.