Amazon Prime Day 2021 is happening sooner than we thought – in June, to be more specific. This was officially confirmed by Amazon during the company’s Q1 earnings report. Previously, it was believed that Prime Day 2021 would be in July. 

Amazon Prime Day is a 2-day shopping spree held every year, with generous discounts across all product categories, including tech like phones, tablets, headphones, smart watches, and Amazon’s own line of Kindle readers, Fire tablets, and Echo speakers. The only catch: you have to be an Amazon Prime member.

We still don’t know the exact Amazon Prime Day 2021 date, but we’ll keep this article updated with news and information around Amazon’s big shopping event. Here’s what we know so far and expect to see on the next Prime Day.

Here’s what happened last year on Amazon Prime Day and what to expect:

When is Amazon Prime Day 2021?

  • The next Amazon Prime Day will be in June, 2021

Well, the pandemic had Amazon Prime Day 2020 delayed to October; however, this year things with the big shopping event seem to be moving according to plan.

In previous years, the big shopping event was held during the summer. In 2019, it was on July 15 and 16, respectively Monday and Tuesday. This time, Amazon Prime Day will be held even earlier than July, and to be precise, in the month of June, as Amazon previously confirmed.

Usually, two weeks before the event, its exact date is officially announced by Amazon, so the official Prime Day 2021 date may be announced quite soon. The two-day shopping event is bound to bring us some really good deals on our favorite tech gadgets, and we will prepare for your convenience articles on the best tech deals.

What is Amazon Prime Day 2021?

Amazon Prime Day is the biggest Amazon shopping event, usually held over two days in the summer. It allows customers to benefit from generous discounts over the entire range of products Amazon sells: from tech, to home and garden. The good thing is that other big retailers, such as Best Buy, Walmart, and Target, also slash their prices around Amazon Prime Day, so finding great deals is pretty much a given.

What happens on Amazon Prime Day?

Well, simply said – Amazon discounts a lot of products over a two-day period, and Amazon Prime members can purchase items with generous discounts. Other big retailers also give discounts at that time, to compete with Amazon, so deals appear almost everywhere. For Amazon Prime Day deals, you do need Prime membership, which we explain in detail further down in this article.

How does Amazon Prime Day work?

First off, Amazon announces that Prime Day deals are now available, and you can browse through them in order to make your purchase. To benefit from Prime Day deals, you need to be an Amazon Prime member. When deals are announced, you can browse on the Amazon Prime Day deals page.

Who can use Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime members can benefit from the deals on Amazon Prime. The cool thing is that you can get a trial for Amazon Prime just in time for the big shopping spree, even if you’re not a member. Additionally, deals on other retailers, such as Best Buy, Walmart, and Target, will also be available, so if you prefer to shop from these ones, you can do so and you don’t need a Prime membership for them.

Are Prime Day deals worth it?

There is not a definitive answer on whether or not Amazon Prime Day deals are worth it. We’ve seen both scenarios – we’ve seen extremely good products at very low prices, but we’ve also seen discounts that were too modest to be a deal worthy of Prime Day.

Our advice here is to add a few items that you like to your cart without ordering. Amazon will inform you of any price changes. That way you will know if the item’s price has been bumped up artificially prior to Prime Day to make the Prime Day discount seem more substantial.

On top of that, we’ve made a guide on how to shop during Amazon Prime Day, so you may want to check that out to avoid any mistakes and to make sure you will get the best out of this Prime Day shopping spree.

Will COVID-19 delay Prime Day 2021?

Last year, due to the pandemic, Amazon Prime Day happened in October instead of during the summer. Of course, having Amazon’s official confirmation that Prime Day 2021 is happening in June, we can rest assured COVID-19 isn’t going to delay the event in the US. However, Amazon will postpone Prime Day in Canada and India due to COVID-19 concerns (via CNBC).  

What are the best Amazon Prime Day deals?

On Amazon Prime, the biggest discounts are usually on Amazon products: Amazon Kindle, Fire tablets, Amazon Echo speakers. What’s more, Amazon usually offers discounts on Samsung Galaxy phones, Google Pixel phones, Apple AirPods, smartwatches by Apple, Samsung, Garmin, and Fitbit.

Additionally, mid-range phones by Motorola, Sony, LG were also generously discounted over the two-day event last year. As far as iPhones are concerned, you can find refurbished iPhones with hefty discounts on Amazon Prime Day. Although they are not new iPhones, they have been renewed to look and work like brand new.

Let’s look at an example of what you can expect: in 2020, the Galaxy Note 20 (fresh out of the oven at the time) got a huge $200 discount, and so did the Galaxy S20+. In the tablets market, discounts were ranging between $50 and $180 for Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, while the iPad Mini and the iPad Pro saw discounts of around $50.

You could save $50 on true wireless earbuds such as the AirPods Pro and the Galaxy Buds+. Smartwatch prices were down by around $30-$50 for Apple Watches and Galaxy Watches, while some models from Garmin saw a bigger, $100 discount.

Amazon Prime Day offers generous deals on products from small and medium-sized businesses; however, we saw pretty much everything discounted on Amazon Prime Day. Whether it is a phone, a tablet, wireless headphones, or smartwatches that you are interested in buying, Amazon Prime Day will most likely have it discounted for you.

Should you wait for Black Friday?

It’s typical for Black Friday to bring more deals and greater discounts compared to Amazon Prime Day. There’s more competition between retailers, and customers are more willing to spend during the holiday shopping season. But then again, Black Friday is still half a year away, which makes Prime Day 2021 an excellent opportunity to get a new phone, tablet, computer, or accessory at a bargain price. 

Are BestBuy, Walmart, Target having a Prime Day Sale?

It’s not only Amazon deals that we will see on Prime Day. Many other retailers slash prices around Amazon Prime Day, so you might get lucky with some good sales on phones at Walmart, Best Buy, and Target. Last year at Best Buy, we saw attractive Prime Day phone deals on iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones. Target also worked to match the competition, offering hefty discounts on tech and other products.

Do I need Amazon Prime to shop on Prime Day?

In order to benefit from the Amazon Prime Day discount, you do need an Amazon Prime membership. If you don’t have one, you can get a free 30-day trial just in time for Amazon Prime. The Amazon Prime membership assures fast delivery and a great shopping experience, so if you’re planning to be a long-term Amazon customer, it’s great to get yourself the Amazon Prime membership.

What is Amazon Prime membership?

Amazon Prime is a paid membership subscription that gives you quite a lot of perks if you shop from Amazon often. Members of the service benefit from the big Amazon Prime Day two-day sale, usually happening in the middle of summer. But it’s not only Prime Day: Amazon Prime members also have shipping benefits, such as free two-day delivery and free same-day delivery in select areas, streaming benefits, reading benefits, and other shopping perks.

Here’s what you will get with an Amazon Prime membership:

  • Fast, free delivery
  • Scheduled In-Home and In-Car delivery
  • Exclusive Deals just for you
  • Prescription delivery and savings
  • ‘Try Before You Buy’ clothes
  • Save big on groceries
  • Watch Amazon Originals, movies and TV shows
  • Ad-free Amazon Music
  • Free games and loot with Prime Gaming
  • Free reading from over a thousand books, magazines, comics, and more

How do I shop Prime Day deals?

You need to have an Amazon Prime membership to shop Prime Day deals. If you do, you can browse through the Amazon Prime Day page that will display all the current deals during the shopping spree, as well as you can browse for individual items and look for the blue badge, showing it is discounted for Prime Day.

Open the page with the Amazon Prime Day discounts here

Best Amazon deals right now

Although Prime Day 2021 is a month away, this does not mean that we can’t find any discounts on cool tech products on Amazon or at other retailers. If you regularly check for deals, you’re more likely to find something interesting on a product you’ve set your eyes on, because retailers are also constantly refreshing their deal portfolio. Here you can see some Amazon deals on tech we have for you:

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

$271 off (28%)

Google Pixel 4a 5G

$30 off (6%)

Apple iPhone SE (2020)


$172 off (38%)

Apple iPad Pro 11-inch (2020)

$110 off (14%)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

$51 off (8%)

Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case

$39 off (20%)

Apple AirPods Pro

$52 off (21%)

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (41mm)

$170 off (43%)

Apple Watch Series 6 (44mm)

$50 off (12%)

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