Finding a good case is harder than you think. We try to help by giving you our roundups of the Best Galaxy S10 cases as well as more niche roundups like best clear cases and best heavy duty cases, but there’s just no subtitute for getting a case in your hand and seeing how it handles over a couple of days. Unfortunately, by that point, it’s usually too late to return your now lightly-used case, and while we use and review as many cases as we can for you lovely folks, we can’t get to them all.

If you have more than six cases for your Galaxy S10, raise your hand. I know I’m not alone here, because several Android Central forums members have been reporting their own case testing and mini-reviews to our Best S10 cases megathread.

After two months with the phone, they’ve been singing the praises of their favorite cases, including a rugged clear case called the Nimbus9 Phantom 2 that I need to go test right now: