If you’re going to be purchasing a plane ticket in the next month, Chase might have a way to save you a few extra bucks than normal with a targeted offer that customers are getting for flights booked with United Airlines.

Originally reported by The Points Guy, Chase is offering select customers the ability to save 10% on plane tickets booked directly with United. To see if you are eligible for the offer, you can check your account either online through through the Chase app. You will need to activate the offer, so make sure you do so before making your purchase with United.

The offer has a maximum benefit of $29, so you will get the most value if you are purchasing a plane ticket that costs around $300. This isn’t an offer to cash in on a huge international trip, but a nice savings for booking something domestic.

One of the cards you could use to earn even more on your offer is by using one of Chase’s co-branded United credit cards like the United Explorer card.

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