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The Galaxy S8+ may be a year-old flagship, but it’s still pretty relevant. For one, it looks quite a lot like the newer Galaxy S9+, secondly, its hardware and cameras are still top-notch.

Well, sure, the Galaxy S8+ doesn’t have a fancy pants dual camera module with Portrait Mode, a variable aperture, or Super Slow motion mode. But it still has some of the modern Samsung bells and whistles — the iris scanner, face unlock, shiny finish, wireless charging and the sorts.

But enough raffle — you know what the S8 is and you are here to know more about the deal!

Well, up on eBay, we have a listing for a number of Galaxy S8+ phones, described as “refurbished at manufacturer-authorized facility”. To back up that claim, the seller promises a 60-day warranty. Only downside is that the phone comes with generic accessories and probably a no-name box. For the price of $356, however, we are willing to forgive the lack of an included AKG headset.

The listing claims this is a GSM only model, meaning no compatibility with CDMA networks like Verizon or Sprint. However, G955U is the model number of the USA Unlocked Galaxy S8+, which is supposed to work with all major operators. Just something to check up on, if you decide to take the plunge and buy this.