If you’re excited for Google’s surprisingly generous (and unusually diverse) Pixel 3 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, but had reservations about buying the larger variant due to an annoying speaker issue widely reported last month, you should probably go ahead and plan your (discounted) purchase.

That’s because, even though many Pixel 3 XL users had feared some sort of a hardware malfunction was causing the random buzzing sounds, a software fix will be rolled out “in the coming weeks.”

Unfortunately, the search giant didn’t provide an actual release timeline for this particular maintenance update, with that aforementioned CS rep offering somewhat conflicting info. The “coming weeks” and the “coming updates” are entirely different things, but until hearing more on the matter from an official source, we’re left hoping the buzzing will stop after the December security patch.

At the end of the day, at least Google is trying to improve the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL user experience. That might not be enough to break any sales records, but hardcore Android purists should probably learn to celebrate the small wins.