While OnePlus never shares the specific sales numbers of its popular smartphones, the company often loves to boast about impressive but vague achievements like the progress of its most recent model compared to a predecessor. The brand is one of the world’s few that continues to claim growth at a time of general industry stagnation, relying on a unique product release strategy and unconventional marketing.

In other words, the OnePlus 6T sold so well stateside between October and December that its manufacturer finished the quarter in the top five as far as brands selling phones for $500 and up are concerned. That’s definitely no small feat for a company founded just a little over five years ago that had zero retail presence in the US until this past November. By the way, the 6.4-incher didn’t enjoy a full quarter of availability, following in the footsteps of a similarly well-reviewed OnePlus 6 that no local wireless service provider carried and aggressively promoted as T-Mobile did with the 6T.
At the same time, the actual high-end US market share of this fast-rising brand remains unknown. We also don’t know the names of the four other top vendors, although we can safely assume Apple and Samsung hold a massive advantage over the likes of LG and… Google, maybe? Bottom line, while OnePlus is certainly rising through the ranks, its fans may want to contain their excitement. There’s a long way to go from top five to top two or even top three.

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