Technically, the world’s first foldable device from a household name of the mobile industry is still at its first generation, and with the exception of a few thousand early adopters in Samsung’s homeland, no one can actually use the Galaxy Fold as a daily driver yet.
Popular YouTuber and professional gadget torturer Zack Nelson with JerryRigEverything has somehow managed to get his hands on a retail Korean version of the “Galaxy Fold 2.0”, which was naturally subjected to a routine set of durability tests… with a special twist. In addition to assessing the handset’s scratch, flame, and bend resistance, Nelson went ahead and put this $2,000 product in direct contact with dust, which… did not end very well.
While Samsung explicitly warns the Galaxy Fold is NOT water or dust resistant, it’s still shocking to see how easy a foreign object or small piece of debris can make its way between the internal 7.3-inch screen and its protective plastic film (which, to Samsung’s credit, no longer looks like a standard screen protector you’re free to peel off). This vulnerability to dust is expected to not only create major inconveniences, as proven in the embedded video above, but also cause the same permanent display damage in the long run that influencers quickly experienced back in April.

Speaking of irreparable harm, you should know Samsung means it when warning against “pressing hard on the screen”, as even your fingernail can do considerable damage to the flexible but incredibly feeble AMOLED display on the inside of the device. On the bright side, the smaller “cover” display, metal frame, glass-covered cameras, and glass back panel are just as premium and solid as you’ve come to expect from conventional high-enders nowadays. In fact, the articulating hinge is almost unbelievably robust, surviving the repeated attempts of Zack Nelson to break the entire device by bending it the wrong way.

At the end of the day, however, those undeniable strengths can’t offset all the glaring weak points of an insufficiently improved product that costs way too much money.