The iPhone 11 series bring heaps of improvements in the camera and the major one when it comes to video recording is called “extended dynamic range”.

Behind the humble name, however, hides a transformative experience that combines the unmatched power of the Apple A13 chip with some software tricks.

Extended dynamic range is something like HDR for video. It means being able to get incredible shots in low light, with much less noise than now and with a lot more colors and detail.

Apple showed an impressive demo of the feature, but it’s interesting to learn how this new feature works:

To sum it all up, you cannot actually record 120fps 4K video, but internally, this is what the iPhone 11 series use to get that “extended dynamic range”.

At the same time, some rival flagship smartphones still don’t support 4K60 video recording, so it’s impressive to see Apple pull ahead with video recording. The company has also added expanded video editing features, so you can apply filters, crop and adjust the video right in the Photos app.