Apple sometimes makes headlines for the most unusual reasons, saving life after life with groundbreaking ECG monitoring and fall detection features on the company’s newest smartwatch, as well as helping regular people (even children) essentially become superdetectives by using the ubiquitous Find My iPhone app.

While the latest human interest story involving Apple’s device-locating service doesn’t have the same happy ending as past mainstream news pieces of a similar nature, it’s easy to imagine how a domestic dispute gone off the rails in Fairfield, Connecticut could have wound up even uglier without the indirect help of Find My iPhone.

After getting into an argument with her violent ex-husband of 25 years, 70-year-old Catherine Taylor suspected 75-year-old James Taylor of stealing several vehicles belonging to her and the woman’s son from a different relationship.

Because the local police could only recover one of the missing cars from James Taylor, the woman decided to keep tabs on the man in the hopes he would reveal the whereabouts of the other stolen vehicle.

That wasn’t very hard, as the two apparently shared a wireless service family plan after recently getting back together. With Find My iPhone enabled on her iPad, Catherine Taylor followed her ex-husband around until noticing he was approaching his stepson’s residence where the woman had been living since their latest conflict.

Suspecting things would end badly, Catherine had just enough time to alert her son of the imminent danger. Before the police could arrive at the scene of a panicked 911 call, the woman was already dead, while the son managed to defend himself from James Taylor’s second rifle attack by striking the man several times.

The perpetrator is now being charged with murder, home invasion, attempted murder, first-degree burglary, illegal discharge of a firearm, and third-degree assault, while his second victim is safe and sound, in part thanks to his deceased mother’s Find My iPhone-powered investigative work. That’s quite a sinister reminder of the usefulness of these types of device tracking tools. Don’t forget to activate yours to help you in the event of a theft or assassination attempt.