It looks like EA want to breath new life into its quite old Need for Speed: No Limits mobile game, and what better way to do that than teaming up with a celebrity. The company announced a collaboration with American musician and DJ Steve Aoki for the launch of new content that will be available to players starting today.The new Need for Speed: No Limits update will add new content based on Steve Aoki’s Neon Future comic book series from Impact Theory. If you have the game installed on your phone, you should be able to download the latest version.

Fans of the artist will be happy to know that Steve Aoki will appear as an in-game character, challenging players to complete a series of events to unlock the exclusive Neon Future car body kit for the Nissan 240ZG.

Obviously, the update will add many songs from the artist’s Neon Future III Remix soundtrack, which should further immerse players during adrenaline-fueled races. EA also wants you to know that the body kit was designed in collaboration between Aoki, the Need For Speed: No Limits development team and the creative team at Impact Theory, and “features a wicked futuristic, cyberpunk aesthetic design.”

Why is this update important? Because it’s the first time in the Need for Speed franchise’s 25-year history a celebrity has directly worked with the development team to design a car.