The much-anticipated Apple event is in full swing, and announcements are pouring like there’s no tomorrow. On stage, Apple VP Greg Joswiak unveiled the latest addition to the iPad family – the 7th generation Apple iPad.

Little in terms of specs was highlighted during the announcement, but we do know that the new iPad comes with a bigger, 10.2-inch Retina Display with 3.5-million pixels. Additionally, the display supports the Apple Pencil, but only the first generation of the accessory.

Under the hood of the 7th generation iPad is an Apple A10 system chip. This is the quad-core silicon – with 2 high-performance and 2 low-power cores in tow – that we first saw with the iPhone 7 in 2016.

Of course, what matters most is what you can do with the new iPad. And Apple did spend a lot of time pointing out how the tablet has been engineered to take full advantage of the new iPadOS and its features.

The new iPad will start at $329 and will ship on September 30. Pre-orders begin today.

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