It’s certainly not unusual to see Echo devices sold at significant discounts, but when that happens, Amazon typically likes to cut the prices of many different Alexa-powered smart speakers and smart home accessories. For once, a single member of the Echo family appears to be on sale at a special price right now, fetching 25 bucks less than usual.

That may not sound like an earth-shattering markdown, but it represents a cool 28 percent of the Echo Show 5’s list price. That’s definitely nothing to sneeze at, especially considering this diminutive smart display only broke cover back in late May. That didn’t stop Amazon from shaving a whopping $40 off the 5-inch Echo Show’s MSRP just a couple of months after, but outside the e-commerce giant’s killer Prime Day sale, we haven’t seen this well-reviewed gadget so deeply discounted again.
 Obviously, the key selling point here is a 5.5-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 960 x 480 pixels that can show you stuff, responding to both touch input and voice commands to make video calls (through Skype), help you out in the kitchen, answer various questions, play videos and music from different sources and streaming services, catch you up on the latest news, as well as set alarms and timers. 
This $25 discount actually helps Amazon’s pint-sized Echo Show undercut the even smaller Lenovo Smart Clock, at least when the latter is not marked down as well by as much as 30 bucks.